Full service registration of electrical devices
(including insolvency-safe guarantee, collection coordination of EAR-takebacks and reporting)
Registration of electrical appliances
  • Authorized Representative Service
  • First / follow-up registration with stiftung ear® and UBA (federal environmental agency)
  • Monthly input and output notification to ear®
  • Creation of the ear® annual report
  • Contract for insolvency-safe guarantee acc. § 7 ElektroG incl.
  • Issuing a guarantee certificate
  • Notification of proof of guarantee to ear®
  • Processing of ear collection coordination (EAR Abholkoordination)

Why do I need it?
Electrical equipment and batteries that are placed on the market in Germany have to be registered.
This legal obligation also applies to so-called passive electrical devices (e.g. cables) and batteries included in the scope of delivery.
It is not allowed to sell electrical products or batteries in Germany without a registration.
If the necessary registrations have not already been fulfilled by your suppliers, this obligation is transferred to the distributor.
Landbell is happy to support you in fulfilling your obligations.

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