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Do you sell electrical appliances and / or portable batteries in Germany?
Then you should act immediately to fullfill your legal obligation to register your products with the responsible authorities.
We know: For many manufacturers, the legal requirements are demanding, complicated and keep employees from day-to-day business.
Rarely do you have the time to intensively deal with the constantly changing legal requirements.
We, as Europe’s largest WEEE and battery return system and experienced service provider for WEEE compliance, are happy to offer you our support here.

Do the above obligations apply to you?
Then you should also think about the legal obligation to participate in packaging.
In addition to registering your electrical devices and batteries, we can also support you throughout Europe.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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Why act now

Electrical appliances, batteries and packaging have an important common feature: the legal obligation to register.

Whether manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers, online and mail order retailers or distributors, anyone can be affected by this registration requirement.

An infringement of the statutory registration requirements can lead to heavy fines up to a sales ban.

Therefore, you should act quickly and ensure appropriate legal certainty.

Save 10% on your basic service prices for the first year

We are committed to a circular economy
We are seeing a high value in sustainable companies and new impulses for a sustainable tomorrow – for many years now: In 2014, we launched the Green Alley Award, Europe’s first startup prize for the Circular Economy. Every year, we call upon entrepreneurs throughout Europe to send in their ideas in the areas of recycling, waste prevention and digital solutions. The most convincing startup receives a prize money of €25,000 to drive its business model forward.

How you can save 10% by doing a quick research
During our Green Alley Week, we would like to offer something special for the very first time: 10% off on the WEEE basic service prices for Germany for the first year. The discount promotion is valid for all forms sent to us between 27 May and 4 June 2021 – we are happy to also receive a call in advance.

What to do to get the discount
In the contact form below, you will find a question about this year’s Green Alley Award winner. A quick research on our homepage will tell you who it was. Once you choose the correct winner from three possible options (see below), we will deduct the 10% for the base price in our offer.

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